Tent Camp

The Træna festival is on an island and there are limited opportunities for “shelter”. Tents are a very good option. We have a well-established tent camp, where most of our festival guests are staying. We also have an area of ​​the camp that is suitable for those who bring small children with them.

If you choose to still come with a caravan or camper, you have to pay extra. It costs 2,000kr per 5 meters vehicle + 300 kr per person as regular campers. Prices for festival camp: 300, – per person for staying at the camp, regardless of how many days you are staying. The price also applies to volunteers at the Træna festival.

These are the festival camp:

  • WC
  • Showers
  • Drinking water
  • Sanitary
  • Information
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Midnight snack
  • Many garbage cans that you must use!
  • Security to make sure everyone is good
  • Many fine and good festival enthusiasts who will soon be your friends

Help us keep Træna clean! We ask you to be kind enough to clean up garbage and objects after yourself when you leave.

A small smart-to-bring-to-the-festival-list:

  • Tents, sleeping bags and mats
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and a small bar of soap
  • Towel and clean underwear
  • Bikini and shorts
  • Boots and woolen
  • Windbreaker
  • Mosquitoes Mediterranean
  • Condoms
  • Toilet paper and napkins
  • Sunscreen

If you do not have a festival pass / day pass / volunteer band or other form of accreditation and still want to stay at the camp, you have to pay twice as much in camp fee. The festival camp is for those going on the Træna festival 2016 and we ask you to respect this.

Rules at the festival camp: Do not bring with you or use an aggregate, a disposable grill and other kinds of open fire.

Family Camp

The Træna festival has an area a bit away from the main camp where those who want a quieter night have the opportunity to camp. The rule is that it is quiet after 1:00 AM and those who don’t comply with this, will be expelled from this part of the camp. On the family camp, the same rules apply, and there is access to the same falsities as the rest of the camp area.

Feskslo flatbed & Frokkost

Can’t wait to get to the festival, but don’t want to sleep outside? Do not despair! Feskslo flatbed & Breakfast is Trænas very own bed ‘n breakfast. We put up 70 spacious tents with mattresses for 1-4 people, depending on how many you want to share your tent with – all inside the big hall.


In addition to flatbed you get:

  • Breakfast
  • The opportunity to rent bed linens (duvet, pillow, bed cover)
  • Access to showers and toilets
  • Opportunity to charge the phone, computer, etc.
  • Ability to lock away your valuables
  • Short way to the festival area

Each tent has a minimum of two mattresses, a maximum of four. If you want to stay alone in a tent, you must pay for two mattresses. It costs 400 NOK per person, each night. Wednesday-Sunday (6.-10. July) / minimum 3200 NOK, thursday-sunday (7-10. July) / minimum 2400 NOK.

House Rules
Since there are many people sharing the same hall, we need to have some rules that apply to all, always, and without exception!

  • You must be at least 15 years old to stay at Feskslo
  • It’s not allowed to drink alcohol or use other drugs indoors
  • It’s of course not allowed to smoke inside
  • Unfortunately, you can not bring other guests who’s not staying at Feskslo to your room
  • We can look after your valuables (cell phone, camera, etc.)
  • There will be security making sure everyone is doing good
  • We do not have parking space for cars / motorcycles / bikes

Violations of these rules and / or inappropriate behavior, may result in you being deported from Feskslo. Questions? Contact us at feskslo@trena.net

Lovund Rorbuhotell

Lovund Rorbu Hotel is a delicious alternative to the tent camp. Imagine a fantastic voyage by ferry or boat whose goal is an island far out in the ocean. You arrive at Lovund, one of Norway’s most vigorous island communities. And it is only 25 minutes away the Træna festival, by boat.

Festival package Barefoot luxury:
Create your own package with hotel including breakfast, priority on the boat between the islands of Lovund and Træna and of course festival passes. This is the option for those who do not crave to be in the tent and want to experience that little extra:

Space in double room incl. breakfast 10th-13th of july: 1725 NOK – per person.
Transport Package with space guarantee: 1800 NOK – per person.
Festival Pass: 1300 NOK – per person.


*There can be made changes du the schedule. Info / Booking All inquiries / bookings made to sivert@lovund.no

In your own boat

There is plenty of space for those who come to Træna with their own boat. All ports are full of boats during the festival, so you must expect being close to others. When you come, we’ll ask you to slow down and pay special caution in the port area. We also ask that you pay attention to your neighbors, keep the volume on your stereo at a tolerable level.If it gets bad, you risk being expelled. In almost every port there are opportunities for toilets, garbage disposal and showers. Prices are on Træna Båtforenings website, read more here. It’s also Træna Båtforening that helps you find a good place to stay, and who collects the fee.