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Træna is one of the smallest municipalitys in Norway, and every year the little community hosts a music festival for their guests.The Træna festival takes place on an island in northern Norway, 65 km far out in the Atlantic. An unique community where all the 500 citizens participate to give you a fantastic experience with music and culture in magnificient settings. You can eat gourmet food from the sea, feel the magic of the ocean, watch sea eagles, feel the love and enjoy the fabulous conserts. Træna is the finale proof that paradise does not have to be in the tropics!

Facts about Træna
  • Træna is located 33 nautical miles west of Sandnessjøen
  • Trænstaven is 338 meters above sea level
  • Træna is Norway’s oldest fishing village
  • Husøya is located on the Arctic Circle
  • The municipality is heavily dependent on the fishing industry
  • 180 bird species have been recorded in Træna
  • With it’s location overlooking the open sea Træna is migratory birds from the west’s first meeting with land, and the last meeting with land for migratory birds from the east
  • Træna consist of more than 1,000 islands, islets and reefs
  • The settlement is limited to Husøy, Selvær, Sanna and Sandøy
  • The municipal center (and Trænafestivalen’s main stage) is located at Husøy
  • The midnight sun can be seen from late May to mid July
  • Archaeological excavations on Sanna shows that people have lived in the municipality for 9000 years. Remains of settlements from the Stone Age can still be seen on Sanna.
  • On Sanna you can find Kirkhelleren, a cave in the mountain, which is described as a acoustic cathedral
  • Hiking trails runs around the Træna mountains (Not Trænstaven), The Love Trail among others

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