Join as a volunteer and get to know the crew behind one of the world’s most exotic festivals for an experience of a lifetime! You must be 18 years old, good with people, work efficiently and enjoy music.

You will be working in a team of over 300 volunteers so chances are great to meeting new friends and many interesting people within the music industry. See you there!

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The Trænafestival have hundreds of volunteers and accredited, and to get everyone in place at the right time, we need a solid crew, receiving, signing and handing out accreditations to our volunteers and accredited. Here it is at times heavy demand, but this job provides exciting and challenging tasks. Necessary training will be given.


Our bars have good atmosphere, and high tempo – you sell drinks and minimize the queue!


Here you sell passes, check identification, and you give out bracelets to people with tickets.


If you have experience as a waiter/waitress, you’re extra welcome in FishyFishy and our other food caterings. Festival guests should feel welcome and cared for when they are served delicious food from the sea. Good mood, good service and effective work are key words for this volunteer job.


The tasks of the enjoyment squad is to take care of volunteers and staff, spread «oceanjoy» and help where it is needed. This group is manning the volunteer tent and patrolling the island with big smiles and energy boost. Is your good mood infectious? Then this is the category for you!


The food we serve at the Trænafestival is very important for us, and this category involves the jobs associated in the grill and our kitchen. Cooking and grilling are the tasks here.


In Hjella you mainly work the bar and ensure good mood!


Here you will help to make breakfast, keep it clean and tidy and make sure everyone are having a good time.


Together with our lead decorator, the decor crew will help embellish the festival area before the festival opens, and clean up the decor afterwards.


This crew will be responsible for Kirkehelleren and the tunnel on Sanna. You will be carrying and rigging up for the concert on Saturday. With the job, you get free boatride to and from Sanna.


Transportation of artists before, during and after the festival, and shipping/transporting the rig crew. Drivers must have a valid car/minibus license. We also need truck and forklift drivers.


Here youre going to help make the festival site ready, the rigging starts a few days before the festival.

As a volunteer during the Træna festival, you have to work two shifts at a minimum of 8 hours – 16 hours in total. As a thank you for the effort you get a three-day festival pass. If you would like to work even more hours, you are of course very welcome.

If you work before or after the festival, you must work at least 20 hours in total, divided into several shifts. As a volunteer we expect you to show up on time, be sober, and work your assigned hours.

Should you become ill or otherwise prevented from showing up for the appointed time, you are obliged to give notice to your immediate supervisor or volunteer team as soon as possible. If you have already been given the festival pass, sick leave for the period concerned will be required. If this can not be provided you will be billed for 3000 NOK.

We greatly appreciate that you help us out with the festival this year! Without the volunteers, we would not be able to arrange our festival this far out in the ocean. Thank you!